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Basscamp: Boca Raton

Since Basscamp in Gainesville has been such a huge success and we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary coming up, I am finally ready to announce the new Basscamp: Boca Raton!!

Final details are still being worked out, but it will be held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at a really great venue called Hooligans (36 SE 3rd St. Boca Raton, FL 33432). Hooligans has a proper sound setup and intelligent light system that will be able to handle everything we have to throw at it. We are still going to try and keep it primarily on vinyl, but allow digital depending on the artist.

I plan on having a soft opening sometime in the next month and then the next show after that we will be bringing in a few headliners to really rock the place and show what we can do. Since the night is still in its infancy, we are looking for people to help and share their passions in a collaborative creative space. Let me know what you thing would be cool to help push the limit on traditional shows. We’re been playing with the ideas of multiple projector systems with interactive sensors as well as our good old live painting and LED hula-hoops. Lets keep pushing the energy – you guys are the ones that do it!

So if you’ve wanted to do some live painting, learn how to graffiti, play with some new technology, or just create something crazy that we can share in a loving and constructive performance environment then lets get this going! I’m extremely excited to see what we can come up with.

Much love!

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  1. illustrain says: (Author)

    On the hunt for a new venue since Hooligans is moving! Keep up with Basscamp in Gainesville, FL at

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