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Artist Statement

Official Artist Statement
Travis Johnson (2022)

I began experimenting with audio and digital image manipulation as a way to document my experiences in life. Inspired by recursive patterns in nature, I soon realized that these systems parallel human consciousness. Since then, my work has been focused on my personal interpretation of these systems. As I refined my skills, I started taking my past work and incorporating it into new pieces, using current technology as it was made available to me. As I developed my body of work, I started creating environments for people to go where they could view, as well as be an active part of the work.

I believe that every person has a natural creative drive and one of my primary goals is to encourage other people to develop their unique artistic identity. I do this by setting up spaces where I give people a chance to interact with my art pieces along with giving them access to technology they may not have used before. My role in these experiences is by utilizing an assortment of mediums including live AV and DJ sets, canvas and vinyl, sculpture and installation. The interaction between my work and the viewer creates a divine confluence of energy which is the driving force behind my creative process.

The Unavoidable

A Naturalist and a Theist,
sitting at the edge,
of the Flower of Life.
Looking both inside and out.

The flower smells of nostalgia,
with undertones of doubt.
Literal or a metaphor?
An efficient description.

It’s real, I swear!
Moral relativism,
a spectrum of complexity.
How nervous is your nervous system?

Reality came out of an electron,
A growing confluence of eternal energy.
The first time a human could think,
he contemplated a richer environment.

An emergent solution,
for a fundamental problem.
Subjective reasoning,
“objection your honor!”

By demand of the people.
Expanding vibrations,
with no consequences,

Clear Ride

Life is about achieving the most direct route to the cleanest source.
Needlepoint at the top, keeping balance through to the bottom.

The only way to survive is to document your work properly,
otherwise you’ll fall into the capitalistic monopoly.
I never thought I was a writer, till I got the flow,
keep the wave moving, let everything go.
Mom knows, dad knows, so do you…
let us all work together, we will pull through.
Everyone does it, create energy and flow,
the network’s in motion, get involved with a show.
Think crystals are weird? They help you focus.
Aquafina twists the system with reverse osmosis.
You may think you don’t have the energy, but you actually do.
Krishna, Mario, Yoschie, whoever helped you.
Keep your friends close, because they’re going to fade,
into the divine recursive daze.
The cleaner you are, the higher you rise,
sync with the cycle, you’ll be in for a surprise.
The DJ’s the ninja, the MC the pirate,
we must come together, let our rhythm inspire.
I just got temptation put in front of my face,
but I’ll continue to be in this wonderful place.
Drum & bass was the beginning, now dubstep and dolphins,
The Grateful Dead is about to be in their coffin.
Lyrics and language have evolved over time,
that’s exactly how I’m able to spit out this rhyme.
There is no word that can describe our panguish,
every one of us goes through pain and anguish.

We must work together.
Through technology, art, family, and friends.

If you have any new idea, write it down…
innovation is needed to manifest the new sound.
Some might mistake you for not being humble,
continue evolving – and don’t get in trouble.
The only way to change is by being pure.
Information is accessible, right at your door.
2012 just means we’ll align with our sun,
hopefully we can all achieve equilibrium.
Technology makes it easy to lie, cheat, and steal.
I’m sorry for my faults, but lets keep it real.
If you get hit by a car and it’s the start of your trip,
we have a global connection, try not to slip.
It’s not about the party, it’s about the vibe,
take hold of the energy – and let the beat ride.

2008 <-"TEJ"-> (Rothbury, MI)