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Artist Statement

Official Artist Statement
Travis Johnson (2015)

I began experimenting with audio and digital image manipulation as a way to document my experiences in life. Inspired by recursive patterns in nature, I soon realized that these systems parallel human consciousness. Since then, my work has been focused on my personal interpretation of these systems. As I refined my skills, I started taking my past work and incorporating it into new pieces, using current technology as it was made available to me. As I developed my body of work, I started creating environments for people to go where they could view, as well as be an active part of the work.

I believe that every person has a natural creative drive and one of my primary goals is to encourage other people to develop their unique artistic identity. I do this by setting up spaces where I give people a chance to interact with my art pieces along with giving them access to technology they may not have used before. My role in these experiences is by utilizing an assortment of mediums including live AV and DJ sets, canvas and vinyl, sculpture and installation. The interaction between my work and the viewer creates a divine confluence of energy which is the driving force behind my creative process.

New Mix [Futurebass]

DJ Aesthetics – Recluse [futurebass]


Visionary Art & Bass Showcase


ConceptFlow and Visionary CrossFit Gym and Gallery will be hosting a truly unique collection of visionary, psychedelic, street, and sports poster art by over 16 local and famous artists including works by visionary artists Alex Grey, Android Jones, Mark Henson and Amanda Sage; street artists Shepard Fairey (“Obey”) and Justin McAllister (“Sharpie Artist”); plus a collection of MMA Fighter art by award-winning artists like Richard T Slone. Local artists include Carrie Wachter, Sarah White, Heather Montgomery, Michelle McDowell Smith, Miquel Kendrick and more.

Music to make you dance, gift shop selling original art and limited edition prints and cards, and live art performance by local artists. We will be hanging out at the gym all day, so stop by to see this amazing collection of art!

Music from:

Dillon Rose
Jay Lang (x2)
Tony D
Green Avenjah
Holden Howard
Black Jeezus

Music will showcase a variety of local talent played diverse genres of electronic music. Heavy on the drum & bass & jungle.

Live Painting:

Carrie Wachter
Sarah White
G Govinda De
Darlene Muto
Sarah Kristen Watts
Amber Rose
Jessie Hughes
Travis Johnson
Joy Carmen
Colby Stencel
Nicole Rerra
Carlos Masquida
(and many more!)

Live ceramic sculpting: Ilyusha Mann

– This is a FREE show! –

For more information on the gallery, find Visionary CrossFit on Facebook:

Photos from event: